Become a partner

EuroConnect Philosophy

EuroConnect provides cloud solutions for IT professionals to facilitate, improve and increase the productivity of their customers. EuroConnect’s ambition is to provide advice and support to its partners in developing their business while integrating advice and support on a daily basis. The EuroConnect teams work hand in hand with the partner network and spare no effort to respond in a proactive and targeted manner. Our aim is to include our partners in our new arrangements because it is through a strong partnership that we will be able to exceed our objectives.

Our network

Active for nearly 10 years, EuroConnect has managed to develop an important partner network that adds value and builds the reputation of the EuroConnect Products. Thanks to their trust and confidence, and their queries, we can keep exploring developments in our solutions catalogue. Our network is our strength, and we spare no effort to enliven and satisfy it at all times, our target being to create a “closely knit” team that meets perfectly the needs of the end customers.



A partner space is available for the sake of unified management to manage and intervene on all the EuroConnect products and accounts.


To help our partners put forward EuroConnect products, we provide different types of marketing support such as: adapted e-mailings, support for targeted events, development of a customised sales pitch, etc.


Partner requests vary and the accounts are specific. That is why at EuroConnect, a partner is managed by a dedicated sales representative, who can provide guidance and support in the field.


The technical team is available to answer all the questions of partners, and can also intervene remotely in certain cases. Furthermore, the technicians also make tools and information available on the partner platform for optimal network management.


EuroConnect proposes appropriate training adapted at the commercial and technical level to meet all the expectations of IT professionals. We also include your partners in the launch of our new products so that they can test them and give us feedback.

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